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Sometimes, computers stop working for good. When this happens, you can lose a lot of data if you have not been on top of backing it up. Even if you have been diligent, you can still lose your most recent files. Sometimes, this is just an inconvenience. Sometimes, this can be a devastating event that literally wipes out years of work on various projects.

The good news is that all of the data may not necessarily be gone for good. It is often possible for data recovery to happen, unless there is physical damage to the machine itself. If your computer has recently crashed and it seems hopeless, bring it to us and let us help you. We offer the most comprehensive and affordable data recovery in Chicago, IL. If it is possible to get your files back for you, we will find a way to do so!

Our data recovery center is staffed by experienced experts who know all of the most current operating systems and are able to retrieve data that others might not be able to. We will take the time to walk you through our initial diagnosis and let you know what steps we recommend taking to retrieve the maximum amount of data possible.

At Payless Computer Systems, we provide all hard drive recovery services at a rate you can afford. We perform all our work quickly and efficiently so there are no unnecessary delays.

Please contact us as soon as possible to begin the data retrieval process so you can get your life back.

3 Crucial Steps to a Successful Data Recovery:

  • Turn off computer immediately. (To prevent further possible irreparable damage) (Relax and take deep breath.)
  • If possible have hard disk drive removed by qualified technician.
  • Dial: 1 (773) 455-4140 for immediate courteous, knowledgeable and 'professional' data recovery service in Chicago area.



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