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Welcome to Payless Computer Systems

Technology has boomed over the last two decades at a rate like never before in history. The Internet, in particular, has vastly changed our everyday lives, from the way we conduct business to the way we approach school, and even how we use our free time and communicate with our family and friends. We are more connected than ever before, which can be a great thing.

Along with all of the benefits of technology, however, come difficulties, too. The majority of Americans require personal computers in their everyday lives, and sometimes those computers fail. While many people are able to work with computers while they are functioning properly, they simply do not have the training to repair or fix computer issues that pop up from time to time.

That is where we come in! At Payless Computer Systems, we are your computer repair specialists! We offer basic repairs on software and hardware for nearly every operating system and brand of computer. We also provide hard drive back-up services, as well as data retrieval for crashed systems. Additionally, you can come to us for virus removal for infected machines. Just think of us as your personal technology help desk.

At Payless Computer Systems, we are proud to serve the entire Chicago, IL area, as well as surrounding suburbs. Whether your issues are small, or larger and more complicated, we are here for you. Please call us today and make sure to ask about our free diagnosis & free estimates. We want to provide the quick fix you are searching for.



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We have deep domain expertise in extensive keyword research, search-driven content, social media and the advanced coding behind the website we create for you.


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We are constantly researching and anaylizing the latest search engine algorithm updates and content management techniques to make sure that your business is reaching its full on line visibility.


Innovative Ideas

Payless Computer Systems wants to see your business achieve the placement it deserves! Your success and business growth is our primary focus.

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Payless Computer Systems deploys the latest hosting technologies and internal software and services to provide our clients with the highest level of support and performance. We partner with “best in class” companies to achieve a high level of results for our clients.