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Our General Services

Repairs and Services

Welcome to Payless Computer Systems

Computer repair needs can come in many shapes and sizes. It can be a physical problem, such as a machine that has been physically damaged so that there is an issue with the hardware, or a software malfunctioning problem, for example. No matter what the issue is, bring it to Payless Computer Systems. We offer our customers the best computer repairs in Chicago, IL.

When you bring your computer to us, we will always begin our process with a full computer inspection that will help us identify and diagnose the specific issues involved. We approach your computer in the same way a doctor approaches an illness or a mechanic approaches a car problem, with precision and years of experience to guide us.

Our extensive range of services include:

• Repair Frozen or Slow Computers

• Setting Up Internet and Firewall

• Solving Internet Connection Issues

• Windows Updates

• Software Updates

• PC Troubleshooting

• Email Set-up and Restoration

• Operating System Installation

• Printer Installation

• Disk Defragmentation

• Data Recovery

• Slow Performance

• Virus Removal

• Antivirus Installation

• Web-site or Web-Page design

And more. If you don't see it here, please give us a call.



Extensive Keyword Research

We have deep domain expertise in extensive keyword research, search-driven content, social media and the advanced coding behind the website we create for you.


Full Performance

We are constantly researching and anaylizing the latest search engine algorithm updates and content management techniques to make sure that your business is reaching its full on line visibility.


Data Recovery on External Devices.

Payless Computer Systems wants to see your business achieve the placement it deserves! Your success and business growth is our primary focus.

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Payless Computer Systems deploys the latest hosting technologies and internal software and services to provide our clients with the highest level of support and performance. We partner with “best in class” companies to achieve a high level of results for our clients.